Berlin / Hamburg / Frankfurt / Munich

Zappner Jan Zappner / Berlin

was born in 1973 and has been working as a freelance photographer since 2004 after finishing his law studies. In 2011 he founded RAUM 11.
He speaks German, English, French, Czech and Russian.

Portfolio Jan Zappner

Michalko Jan Michalko / Berlin

was born 1975 and has been working since 1998 as a freelance photographer from china to eastern europe.He speaks German, English and Czech.

Portfolio Jan Michalko

Gregor Fischer Gregor Fischer / Berlin

was born in 1989 and started as a cameramen for TV. Since 2011 he is  working as a news and event photographer for Newspapers and corporate clients.
He speaks German and English.

Portfolio Gregor Fischer

Amelie Losier / Berlin

Amélie Losier (born 1976 in France) studied documentary photography with Arno Fischer in Berlin and now lives and works as a freelanced photographer in Berlin. She loves Portrait work and produces vivid reportages and multimedia stories for international newspapers and magazines and corporate publications. She speaks German, French and English.

Portfolio Amelie Losier

Dörthe Hagenguth / Leipzig

was born 1966 and has been working since 2004 worldwide as a portrait- and reportage photographer for newspapers and magazines.
She speaks German, English and Spanish.

Portfolio Dörthe Hagenguth
1402288577-MaximMaxim Sergienko / Hamburg

born 1971 in Ukraine and works as a freelance photo- and video journalist. Maxims photographic work is focussing on portrait and documentary projects. He speaks German, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Portfolio Maxim Sergienko

Pass_14-a328Georg Knoll / Frankfurt

was born in 1968 and has been working since 2000 worldwide as a travel- and reportage photographer. He speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

Portfolio Georg Knoll

BenjaminSchmidtBenjamin Schmidt / Munich

was born in 1978. He has been working as a freelance-photographer with a focus on portrait and documentation since 2008.
He speaks German and English.

Portfolio Benjamin Schmidt

LennartLennart Preiss / Munich

was born 1983 and has been working since 2006 as a photographer for corporate clients and magazines.
He speaks German, English and French.

Portfolio Lennart Preiss